David Strittmatter

I categorize decisions into three types: shirts, hiring, and tattoos.

The bulk of decisions are like shirts. You try one and if you don’t like it, swap it. The stakes are low, so optimize for speed.

Fewer decisions are like hiring. When you make a wrong hiring decision, you lose energy, money, and time. Yet, you cannot let fear hinder action – you have to make this decision. Don’t be scared of hiring but sincere. If it doesn’t work out, by this time next year you will have moved on and so will everyone else.

Rare but pivotal decisions are like tattoos. These stick with you and you have to live with them. These demand deliberate thought and consideration, as their impact last years if not forever. So, move slowly and think carefully.

Choose wisely: speed for shirts, diligence for hiring, and profound consideration for tattoos.

How do you think about making decisions?

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