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The life of a little naive optimist.

Hi, it’s David!

This page serves as the central platform for all my current and future projects. 

Here, I will record and share my learnings through my struggles, failures, successes, and everyday life.

At the moment I am writing this blog and posting every week on my most important learnings of the past week.

For those who want to know why I am actually doing this: Below this post, you can find my personal vision, mission (purpose of life), and most important values. My goals and actions are derived from those.

In case you have any questions, feedback, or requests, please hit me up via e-mail, LinkedIn, or Chat.


The state I want the world be in when I leave it.

A world without limitations on mobility, with unrestricted access to quality education and nourishment, as well as a cosmopolitan life-worthy planet of humanity beyond exaggerated nationalism.


What role I want and have to play in it to make my vision become reality.

Advancing the progress of this beautiful world, serving people every day as an inspiration and role model, to be part of the whole, to love and laugh infinitely and to discover every day as a new opportunity.


The fundamentals for my day-to-day decision making.

  1. Long term thinking
  2. Never satisfied, always grateful
  3. Always giving my best
  4. Appreciation of life and other human beings
  5. Fun, joy and pleasure

In this exact order.


Since 2023


Founder and CEO

Climate Tech Startup 

Reimagining e-Methanol Production

Since 2023

2020 - 2023


Strategy Consultant

Leading Management Consultancy

2020 - 2023

2017 - 2020


Bachelor of Science – Business Adminstration

University of Mannheim

Grade: 1,1 with distinction

2017 - 2020

2017 - 2020


Business Development Intern @Getsafe – 10 weeks

Management Consulting Intern @zeb – 9 weeks 

Controlling Intern @SAP SE – 12 weeks

Strategic Marketing Intern @Testo SE – 8 weeks

2017 - 2020

2014 - 2017


A-Levels (Abitur)

Kaufmaennische Schulen Waldshut


Grade: 1,0

2014 - 2017