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Goal Achievement

I categorize decisions into three types: shirts, hiring, and tattoos.

The bulk of decisions are like shirts. You try one and if you don’t like it, swap it. The stakes are low, so optimize for speed. Fewer decisions are like …


Creating vs. consuming: two ways to spend your lifetime

Dear friend, Together with my girlfriend, I went to Mallorca in the summer for seven days. It was wonderful weather. We had a clean, spacious apartment in Alcúdia. Shops, gym, …


How I deal with difficult conversations

Dear friend, How to… deal with daunting conversations that leave us wishing for an escape route: My latest read “Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High” (authors Patterson, …

Goal Achievement

More Than Just ‘Hola’: My Plan to Learn Spanish for a Greener Future

May 9th, I made a decision: I’m going to learn Spanish. I become fluent in it. And I will make business in it. Did I speak a word of it? …

Goal Achievement

Changing your behavior won’t solve the climate crisis — why & what actually solves it

Many people among us, probably also you, are motivated. Motivated to contribute something to the climate: eat less meat 🥦, don’t get on the plane ✈️ as often, buy fewer …

Goal Achievement

How it Feels like Being an Early-Stage Startup Founder

Being an early-stage startup founder is like being a trailblazer venturing into new territory. Each step you take leads you into the unknown, carving a path where none existed. Resources …