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Why purpose is extremely important

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement

Dear friend,

You are currently reading the 20th issue of my weekly learnings newsletter. Twenty weeks ago, I started this endeavor and, so far, it has been still totally worth it. So many insightful thoughts, many hours spent on invaluable reflection about life and because of this, I even started a YouTube channel 2 weeks ago (unfortunately, it will only be in German until next year). Besides, my own webpage is online, meaning that from now on you can read my weekly learnings on this webpage, too (www.davidstrittmatter.com).

As I want to do the most out of my time here in San Diego, I am trying many things out – currently it feels like waaaay too many, such as the YT channel or setting up my own webpage – and focus on my personal development – best part of the semester abroad so far. Until now, this has worked out pretty well #yeah.

To enlighten you a little why I am starting to become a YT star now (just kidding!): The main reasons for the webpage and the YT channel is: I want to expand my channels for reaching out to other people. My personal vision and mission (aka purpose of life) is all about creating value and having great time doing so. In order to share the most important experiences on my journey through life, I want to achieve a sufficient reach on different platforms and spread my knowledge in various channels.

I really do not like the fact that so many people are not able to follow their passion and their dreams just because they do not have inspiring goals or do not know how to take action and implement their plans – this is really sad! As people sharing their biggest failures as well as the way how they overcame them (for instance Gary Vee does this) have always been extremely valuable for me, I want to try this too. I really want to serve as a good role model and inspiration eventually. If I become a criminal or a supervillain one day, though, you will know the reasons for that and have a great negative example still providing you value, too!

Why purpose of life is extremely important

These past days I have been asked a lot what is driving me, where I am draining my energy from and why I am so passionate about life. The answer to this is somehow simple but somehow also not: Purpose. I truly believe that purpose is the key to life.

What do I mean by that?

Since the day I intensely thought about death and the meaning of life, the way I view this world has changed substantially. I realized that we only live once and that we all are going to die someday. But till then, there are so many more days we are alive. I was thinking about how I can make the most of all these days, how could I fill all these days with life, how could I live a life with no regret, how I can be a happy person. In order to answer all these questions, I simply needed to figure out one thing:

What is the purpose of my life?

I am strongly convinced that there is no universally valid purpose of life. It all comes down to what we want to do to make out of the years that were given to us in this magnificent world. The good thing about this is that you have choice as well as the bad thing about this is that you have choice. Paradoxical, isn’t it? I believe it is our duty to give our life a purpose (or no purpose at all). This can be hard for many of us as it lays in our responsibility if we tell ourselves that is our duty to give our life a purpose.  However, it can be also seen as insanely great since we can choose for ourselves what we will strive for in our lives.

After I had thought a lot about what makes me happy, how I can best prevent regret and how I can achieve a life I am proud of, I formulated my personal “mission” for this life. It goes like this:

Advancing the progress of this beautiful world, serving people every day as an inspiration and role model, to be part of the whole, to love and laugh infinitely and to discover every day as a new opportunity.

And now, why is it so important?

As you can read, I wish my life to be all about having an impact, shaping this world, having a great time and helping others to do even better. And what is the reason for this again? That is what makes me happy and living a life I will not regret. This is what motivates me to go out of my comfort zone, become every day a little better, forego short-term gratification so that I have a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Purpose gives you the energy to achieve your dreams and the most difficult challenges. Just think about doing something you have to do, but you see no purpose in. Think about homework when you were in school. Think about doing your bed when you saw no purpose in it. Think about going to work when you only do it for money. Everything changes when it has purpose.

We humans need a purpose to be fulfilled, disciplined and, eventually, happy.


I reaaally hope I could convey my message why it is so important to have purpose. Let me know if there is something unclear, or when you need advice in finding your very own purpose of life.

All the best to you and yours,


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