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Why relationships are so important

My very good friend invited me to visit him and his family for the past weekend. Although I had many things on my to-do list(s) – the upcoming weeks are fully packed – I really wanted to come with him, and so I accepted his kind invitation.

As you probably know, I am this kind of person who reaaally dislikes an incomplete task list. I am an anti-procrastinator; I become stressed if I am not ahead of my schedule (lol). So – to be honest and most likely very strange to you – it wasn’t easy to decide against my schedule and overcome my stubborn anti-procrastinating self. This sounds really stupid, I know.

The weekend definitely worthwhile

Anyway, it was awesome. I am grateful to have such (a) great friend(s). People caring for you, listening to you, providing advice, having similar interests, values, and attitude, showing genuine interest, being honest and, treating you like a family member are invaluable. I truly believe there is nothing more vital than these relationships.

Reflecting on the past days, I realized that this is key to happiness. No matter how successful you are – independent of your definition for it – as long as you do not have anybody to celebrate it, they are worthless for your personal self-actualization, and, eventually, for your well-being, too. Consequently, rejecting this great opportunity for a short-term gain would haven`t been the best decision.

Yes, I am behind my schedule now and yes, I ditched work for pleasure. However, this “investment” of time in this relationship was more valuable in the long-run.

Success comes at an expense

There are plenty of situations in which it is more reasonable to focus on personal success. You cannot party 24/7, take drugs and neglect your health and simultaneously become a professional athlete. These are conflicting objectives. The same goes for many of my goals. If I want to achieve certain things in life, I will often have to decide against various pleasurable activities. Success comes at an expense.

Nevertheless, even the most successful people in different areas of achievement take time off. Everyone needs a break from time to time. Additionally, you cannot truly succeed without the support of your closest friends and family. It takes time and effort to build these healthy relationships. However, it is not the quantity of time but the quality of time you spent with someone.

In conclusion, an investment to cultivate and foster meaningful relationships is always worth it as long as you enhance the quality of them. A short-term and long-term perspective must always be part of the decision-making process. Just working is not an ideal solution.

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