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Consulting Taught Me to how to Achieve even my Biggest Dream – Here’s How

A problem well stated is a problem half solved. – John Dewey

Dear friend,

A key skill you learn in consulting is to break down even the largest problems into smaller problems achievable by anyone.

This skill has instilled a huge amount of confidence in me. There is no problem I can imagine that cannot be solved (as long there is sufficient time, no violation of basic physics, and it’s good for humankind).

The skill itself is valuable, but the confidence you obtain is even more.

In my case, this changed my life and made me achieve my dream.

For more than 5 years, I’ve wanted to become an entrepreneur. But back then, I told myself I first need an MBA from Stanford and +4 years of professional experience.

The plan was to do my GMAT, enter consulting, work for 2-3 years, do my educational leave, and become a project lead. And then, start a startup. So,…

I did my GMAT.

I entered consulting.

But then I learned: even the largest problems can be broken down into smaller problems achievable by anyone.

Starting a startup, building a product, acquiring customers, generating enough cash flow, hiring a team, etc. are all problems that can be broken down into smaller problems achievable by anyone.

For instance, starting a technology startup requires you as a business person to first find someone who can build a technology product. To find this person, you need to (A) talk to people and (B) convince someone to work together with you to build a technology product. Everyone can talk to people. And convincing someone is a skill everyone can learn.

Yes, an MBA from Stanford, more professional experience, etc. help. But those are no prerequisites.

As I gained more and more confidence, I decided that I will work towards the journey of becoming an entrepreneur – much earlier than 2027 when I would have finished my MBA and would have become a project lead.

I hope this provided value to you!

All the best to you and yours,


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