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Why relationships are so important

My very good friend invited me to visit him and his family for the past weekend. Although I had many things on my to-do list(s) – the upcoming weeks are …


How to deal better with criticism

Last week I observed a couple arguing with each other. Previously, the female told her boyfriend that he was never listening. She gave him negative feedback about his behavior. Instead …


Cuba – what I should have known 

Expectations Last week I arrived in Havana, Cuba. A long dream came true; I’ve always wanted to travel to a Caribbean Island.  When I was thinking about Cuba, I imagined …

Goal Achievement

Late? A plan does not work out? Why I won’t stress myself any more

I am this kind of person who is the total opposite of a procrastinator. The earlier I can begin with something, the better. I love being on time and hate …


Semester abroad – what to know before you go

My semester abroad is about to end. Reflecting on the past months, I contemplated what I learned during this time and what I would have done differently with the knowledge …


1 year of cold showers – not what I was expecting

I have been doing cold showers for over a year now. And I thought it is time for a quick reflection on this subject and about all the effects it …