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Goal Achievement

How to better deal with fear of missing out

Fear of missing out is the enemy of valuing your own time – Andrew Yang Dear friend, Think of the following situation: You are at a party. There’s great food, …


How to get people to listen when you speak

We only speak when we are fully living what we are saying Dear friend, During my 1-week-long training 3 weeks ago, an executive coach was giving a session about “presence”. …

Goal Achievement

Your definition of success can change your life

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live. ― Anne Sweeney Dear friend, What the media tells us …

Goal Achievement

Work hard, play hard – how to find the right balance

Stress + rest = growth. This equation holds true regardless of what it is that you are trying to grow. ― Brad Stulberg, Peak Performance Dear friend, The past 2 …


A transformational leadership experience

If Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice Dear friend, This week, I had a 5-day in-person training together with +50 other colleagues. In terms of experience, we were …

Goal Achievement

How to make work most enjoyable

Leave your ego at the door every morning, and just do some truly great work. Few things will make you feel better than a job brilliantly done – Robin S. …