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Goal Achievement

Become more optimistic – 3 tips

As I talked about “Why I love being an optimist” last week, I will tell you this week how I became a more optimistic person. In my opinion, there are …


3 reasons why I love being an optimist

An optimist sees a solution for every problem; a pessimist sees a problem for every solution Almost every day we are confronted with situations that are subject to uncertainty. Whether …


How you say something matters a lot

This past week I had a very insightful but also painful experience what I was glad to gain: I had a discussion with someone about politics and how the average person is disinterested …


How quitting video games changed my life for the better

It is this time of year again: The League of Legends world championship is taking place and the best players in the world compete for the title “best LoL players …


Why video calls are awesome

Dear friend, In the following few paragraphs, I want to talk about why (WhatsApp) video calls are so great and why I want to call my friends and family more …


Why I always wake up at 7 am

This past week I was really struggling with maintaining my habit to always wake up at 7 am. However, I still managed to stick to my habit despite I was …