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How quitting video games changed my life for the better

It is this time of year again: The League of Legends world championship is taking place and the best players in the world compete for the title “best LoL players …


Why video calls are awesome

Dear friend, In the following few paragraphs, I want to talk about why (WhatsApp) video calls are so great and why I want to call my friends and family more …


Why I always wake up at 7 am

This past week I was really struggling with maintaining my habit to always wake up at 7 am. However, I still managed to stick to my habit despite I was …


Why purpose is extremely important

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement Dear friend, You are currently reading the 20th issue of my weekly learnings newsletter. Twenty weeks ago, I started this …


Create not-to-do lists to change habits

There has never been a better time to be alive! Dear Friend, I am really happy you are reading this (again) and hope you can enjoy it. If there is …


Accomplish the most annoying task of a day FIRST – 😣 -> 😊✅

It isn’t a matter of time, but a matter of priorities Dear Friend, It’s time again for another episode of my weekly reflections. As announced, this one will be a …